Do you Bulk Bill?

The majority of our GP services are bulk billed, however you may have to pay a fee depending on your individual situation and the type of appointment. It is our priority to provide bulk billing for those who require the most medical care as well as those at a disadvantage. A comprehensive list of fees is available here.


Can I get a same-day doctors appointment?

Yes, we always offer same-day GP appointments. While we will endeavour to find you an appointment with your regular doctor please bear in mind that this may not be possible. We will however book you an appointment with one of our other experienced GPs. If you require a same-day appointment please call us as soon as possible in the morning to make the booking.


We all hate waiting especially when we have an appointment booked. Unfortunately general practice is not always predictable. There may well be reasons outside the control of the GP that cause them to run late. But we do understand that waiting causes anxiety for you, your families and also ourselves.

For those not familiar with our booking systems, we allow 10-15 mins for a standard appointment but do have provision for longer appointments if needed- we allow 20-25 mins for these.

One common cause for the GP running late is that patients have unrealistic expectations of what a GP can fit into the time booked. We do understand that many of our patients have very complex and chronic health problems and this will mean that we will need several appointments to address these issues.

It would be really helpful if you could have a concise list of the issues you want discussed (in order of importance if possible), list of medications that are needed and any referrals that need to be done. Please do not be offended if we suggest that more than one appointment is needed to attend to all the items on your list.


Do you offer After Hours care?

Yes, our after hours care is provided by Gold Coast After Hours Doctor. Patients can access an after hours clinic as well as after hours house calls. Gold Coast After Hours Doctor services are bulk billed for all patients with a valid Medicare or Veterans Affairs card and all consultation notes will be forwarded to your regular Tweed Health for Everyone GP the following business day. Please call 07 5532 8666 for after hours care.

How do I book an appointment?

We offer a number of ways to book appointments with our GPs and allied health professionals:- By phoning our reception on (07) 55 897 555 ,  Online (click here), Via the Appointuit smart phone app , or in person at 33-35 Corporation Cct, South Tweed. Read more about our appointments here.

I work business hours, how can I get in to see my doctor?

We understand you are busy and fitting in time to see your doctor can be challenging. Consequently we are open 7 days a week with appointments available Mon to Fri from 7.30am to 7.30pm and from 8am to 1pm Sat & Sun. You can also book appointments anytime online. Visit our website to book or download the HotDoc smart phone/ tablet app. Existing patients can also save time on routine visits by accessing OzDocs online for eConsults, prescription repeats, referrals and test results.


Our staff are trained to try and accommodate your wishes but sometimes this is just not possible so please consider seeing another GP within our surgery rather than defer being seen especially if you think this is urgent.

It is much better for your long term care to see a GP within our practice than for you to go outside the practice as this fragments your care and often causes duplication and risk of error. We also have a nurse in our treatment room at all times and she is able to speak with you and help triage your problem.