Skin Cancer Checks

comprehensive full body Skin Checks

Most of us know that protecting our skin from the sun is the most important step in preventing skin cancer.

But what if your skin hasn't always been protected? Or you can't always avoid the sun? Or perhaps you have a history of skin cancer in your family?

Catching and treating skin cancer early is the most effective form of management. Consequently regular skin checks are an important part of keeping healthy and living well.

At The Beach Skin Cancer Clinic you are in experienced and professional hands with Dr Chris Wetherall, Dr Judd McClellandDr Matt CardoneDr Zabrina Kingston, and Dr Jean Ashton, all highly qualified in the detection and management of skin cancers.

What to Expect

During your skin check, the doctor will inspect your skin from head to toe. Using a dermascope your doctor is able to view cellular structures below the surface of the skin. This is the most accurate way of examining a skin lesion without removing it. The benefits of using a dermascope include accurately identifying benign lesions that can be confidently left alone as well as detecting developing skin cancers at a very early stage. This means treatment is likely to be simple and effective.

If any skin cancers are detected your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. Otherwise you will be logged in our system and a reminder letter sent out when you are next due for a skin check.

Checking your own skin

While regular skin checks with a doctor are recommended it is also important to check your own skin. Make it part of your routine and become familiar with your own skin, looking especially for new, changing and unusual bits of skin. Show these to an experienced doctor.