Skin Cancer Management & Surgery

trust in our experience and expertise

Discovering you have a skin cancer can be a daunting diagnosis. It is a time that you want to know you are in the care of an experienced and highly-trained doctor. Dr Chris Wetherall and Dr Greg Cusick are both accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and hold diplomas in Skin Cancer Surgery and Medicine. Chris is also a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australaisa and holds a Masters of Medicine in Skin Cancer. You can read more about Chris and Greg's qualifications and experience here.

For most skin cancers, surgical removal is the best chance of complete cure first time round. Combining our doctors and nurses' expertise and experience with custom-built surgical facilities at our new skin cancer clinic, means we are able to provide excellent surgical management and co-ordinated care both before and after your skin surgery.


Surgery & Long term follow-up

For the best cure rates and cosmetic outcomes, we use high quality plastic surgery techniques and equipment. Before or after surgery you may need to see other health professionals in the treatment of your skin cancer. If this is the case, your doctor will co-ordinate your care: liasing with nurses, wound care nurses, your GP and any other specialists such as Surgeons, General Dermatologists, and Oncologists.

Once your skin cancer has been treated you can feel assured by our commitment to long-term follow-up. Our aim is to keep you cared for and protected for many years to come by following up on your skin cancer and for regular skin checks.