comprehensive full body Skin Checks

Most of us know that protecting our skin from the sun is the most important step in preventing skin cancer.

But what if your skin hasn't always been protected? Or you can't always avoid the sun? Or perhaps you have a history of skin cancer in your family?

Catching and treating skin cancer early is the most effective form of management. Consequently regular skin checks are an important part of keeping healthy and living well.

At The Beach Skin Cancer Clinic you are in experienced and professional hands with Dr Chris WetherallDr Greg Cusick, Dr Matt CardoneDr Zabrina Kingston, Dr Jean Ashton and Dr Eoin Mawe, all highly qualified in the detection and management of skin cancers.

What to Expect

During your skin check, the doctor will inspect your skin from head to toe. Using a dermascope your doctor is able to view cellular structures below the surface of the skin. This is the most accurate way of examining a skin lesion without removing it. The benefits of using a dermascope include accurately identifying benign lesions that can be confidently left alone as well as detecting developing skin cancers at a very early stage. This means treatment is likely to be simple and effective.

If any skin cancers are detected your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. Otherwise you will be logged in our system and a reminder letter sent out when you are next due for a skin check.

Checking your own skin

While regular skin checks with a doctor are recommended it is also important to check your own skin. Make it part of your routine and become familiar with your own skin, looking especially for new, changing and unusual bits of skin. Show these to an experienced doctor.



An expert and experienced team

When it comes to skin cancer detection, surgery and management you want the peace of mind that comes from being treated by experienced professionals. At The Beach Skin Cancer Clinic we have put together a team of caring health practitioners who have worked extensively in skin cancer care, hold respected qualifications and continue their education on a regular basis. Most importantly, both Dr Chris Wetherall and Dr Greg Cusick are accredited Skin Cancer Doctors.

Dr Chris wetherall

Chris holds a Fellowship of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia: the highest qualification of the college. To obtain a fellowship doctors must complete the following: Diplomas of Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery and Dermoscopy, a three year training program, extensive logbook, diagnostic audit and surgical audit, and finally a written and oral examination. Chris also holds a Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer from The Univerity of Queensland.

In his role as coordinator and head lecturer for the Diploma of Dermoscopy (at the Skin Cancer College) Chris oversees a group of five lecturers who teach 40-50 GPs each year. Chris is also a lecturer at the University of Woolongong; is involved in a number of research projects; and regularly attends national and international conferences on Skin Cancer.

In addition to Chris' extensive training, he has worked as a Skin Cancer Physician in the local area for the last five years: treating many patients and building on his knowledge, skills and experience in skin cancer detection and management.

Read Chris' full bio here.


Dr Greg Cusick

Greg holds a Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery and Medicine is accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. He is planning to continue on to complete his Fellowship withe the college in the near future. In addition to his training, Greg has worked in Skin Cancer Medicine around the local area for the last seven years. Greg is very passionate about Skin Cancer Medicine and educating his patients.

Read Greg's full bio here.

Mary Lynch | Registered nurse

Mary brings 35 plus years of nursing experience to The Beach Team. Over her career, Mary has worked as a surgical scrub nurse, nurse unit manager of an emergency department, and a general practice nurse. Mary has great passion for skin cancer treatment and prevention and has played an important role in establishing our skin cancer clinic.

Gerard Robards | WOUNd care nurse

With a Masters Degree in Wound Care from Monash University, Gerard has a broad range of experience and specialised skills in acute and chronic wound management. Gerard is also actively involved in research and education.

Heather lambert | Registered nurse

Heather holds a Bachelor degree in nursing and has worked primarily as a skin cancer nurse for the last six years.