Many patients with chronic medical conditions which have persisted for three months or more and have not adequately responded to standard first line medical management may be eligible for a trial of medicinal cannabis.

Chronic Pain, regardless of the cause, can potentially be improved with medical marijuana, for example:

Cancer pain and the nausea sometimes induced by chaemotherapy
Arthritis/ Fibromyalgia symptoms
Endometriosis pain
Neuropathic (Nerve) pain
Certain types of severe headache and Migraine

Also some resistant psychological conditions have shown improvement with the correct formulations of medicinal cannabis:


There is also evidence to show improved management in certain types of Epilepsy, Dystonia, Multiple Sclerosis and severe muscular spasticity.

Patients with multiple medical conditions taking multiple medications or under specialist review would need close monitoring and liaison with the treating specialist.

When booking an appointment please ask for a longer Cannabis Consultation.

GPS WITH A SPECIAL INTEREST IN medicinal cannabis: 

- Dr Brent Williams