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A career at Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic offers:

  • Flexibility and work-life balance
  • A focus on teamwork and professional development
  • A stimulating work environment
  • A life set in the beautiful Tweed coast
  • Career structures and training pathways for GPs and primary health nurses that foster career development
  • A comprehensive orientation program together with a general briefing on the Tweed region. The structured orientation program will include elements of self study, mentoring and software program training.
  • State of the art facilities within a purpose built building (read more about the building here)

Flexibility and Work-life Balance

We believe flexible working conditions encourage a positive work-life balance essential for happy employees and an enjoyable work environment. At Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic we cater for both full and part-time employees by providing flexible physical and operational arrangements.

A supportive, caring environment is provided for medical, nursing and allied health professionals returning to work after extended leave (eg. maternity, extended sick leave, sabbatical leave, long-term overseas work) or any other health practitioners who have been out of their profession for a considerable time.


We believe creating a truly integrated team of multidisciplinary practitioners allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients and create a truly supportive Medical Home for our community. Consequently, a range of multidisciplinary team members have the opportunity to be involved with the organisational and clinical governance structure of Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic. Regular staff meetings ensure everyone is informed of new developments and all staff have the opportunity to suggest ways to improve services and care.

Stimulating Work Environment

Health professionals have the opportunity to expand their social and professional networks, as well as get to know their fellow colleagues through weekly clinical meetings, tearoom chats and regular social functions. This structure prevents the professional isolation often experienced by private practitioners. Additionally, interaction with students, research, and professional education offers a broad range of opportunities to provide an interesting and fulfilling career.

Read more about our ongoing professional development opportunities here.