Professional Development at Tweed Health for Everyone

Education is a strong focus of Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic and we encourage all our staff to be involved with training our future primary health team members. It is with this focus that we aim to "grow our own" staff for the future. Read more about our student training and ongoing professional development below:


We offer a mentoring process for the continuum of general practice. Starting with PGPPs through GP registrars and GPs to GP educators. Opportunities exist for registrars to join the practice and to become partners if mutually acceptable. We have trained medical students and registrars for more than 15 years and look forward to expanding this to PGPPs. We have been supported and will be accredited with North Coast GP Training.


We offer a continual mentoring process for post-graduate ENs and RNs through to specialist nurses (eg. nurse practitioners, midwives, and lactation consultants etc). Nurses are encouraged to attend appropriate health courses (as required for nursing CPD) by providing paid time in-lieu. Courses are run by organisations such as TVGPN, Medicare Local, APNA, and the College of Nursing and cover topics such as wound management, immunisation accreditation, ear syringing, IV cannulation, and advanced cardiac life support.

Allied Health Professionals

We offer a continual mentoring process for post-graduate allied health professionals. In the future we plan to hold seminars specifically dealing with providing better patient outcomes using integrated and multidisciplinary approaches (these will be run for medical students, nursing students, and allied health).


All administration staff are encouraged to update their knowledge and keep abreast of Medicare changes by attending TVGPN and North Coast NSW Medicare Local education programs. Those with interest in developing management skills are encouraged to complete the Certificate IV program through an accredited institution. In the future, regular in-house presentations and education opportunities will be provided and will be supported by local universities, North Coast NSW Medicare Local and TVGPN.

Educational Facilites

Educational facilities enhance learning through the provision of:

  • Dedicated consulting rooms
  • Simulation equipment
  • A multi-purpose educational room
  • Library facilities
  • Teleconference and videoconference facilities
  • Computer capabilities
  • Remote access to universities

Educational Activities

As teaching is a central value at Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic, all practitioners, to some extent, are encouraged to be involved in teaching within and across disciplines. Senior clinicians can be responsible for junior clinicians training if that is their preference.

Cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and expertise occur, via opportunistic interactions, but also through structured weekly lunch-time education meetings. These meetings include case presentations, case conferencing, Journal Club, and formal teaching sessions. Individual practitioners, and students from various disciplines working within the practice, are expected to offer one educational session per year. Local specialists also attend the clinic for educational activities.


Relationships with Bond and Griffith universities encourage the use of our clinical database for epidemiology and clinical research purposes. There is also scope for our GPs and nurses to be employed part-time as lecturers in the future.