Patients seeking physiotherapy and exercise physiology are in good hands with the team of physiotherapists from Physio Place. Brendon Burnett, Anjana Narsai, Jamie Close, Jenna Clements, Byron O'Neill and Jared Powell offer evidence-based, goal-oriented services that ensure lasting results. Your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will also work with your GP and other allied health professionals involved in your care to maximise health outcomes.

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Good nutrition is essential in leading a full and healthy life and whether you need help with weight management, a disease specific condition, or have a child that won’t eat, our dietitian Liz Forsyth will work with you to address those concerns. Liz sees patients across the spectrum from infants to the elderly and will work in collaboration with your GP and any other health professionals involved in your care.

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Experienced speech pathologist Catherine Hudson provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of swallowing, speech, language, fluency  and voice disorders. Cathy has worked extensively with children, the elderly and adults with neurological disease such as MS or head and neck cancer. Cathy also has training in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program for Parkinsons disease patients. 

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Psychology services are provided by our team of Psychologist:

Mark Newman - Clinical Psychologist

Stephanie Price - Psychologist

Natalie Roxburgh - Clinical Psychologist

Siouxsie Venning - Clinical Psychologist

Eric Van den Bossche - Clinical Psychologist

Abraham Garfield - Psychologist

For more information on psychology services at Tweed Health for Everyone Superclinic please call us on 5589 7555.