Abra is a performance consultant, mental coach, therapist and educator for professional and amateur athletes, performers, coaches and leaders.

 Abra is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and an endorsed sport psychologist with the Australian College of Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is a wellbeing consultant for the AFL Players Association, a lead psychologist for Squash Australia and BMX QLD and a service provider for Swimming Australia and the QAS. Abra is a guest speaker, workshop facilitator, university guest lecturer/tutor, writer, resource developer and works in private practice with individuals, teams and organisations (sport and corporate). He also provides mental and behavioral health services to adolescents, teens and adults to assist them in coping with stress and other mental health issues, such as: 

 - Stress and transition/adjustment- dealing with change

 - Academic/occupational issues- Attention

 - Anxiety and Depression

 - Men's psychology and relationship issues

 - Adolescent and teen psychology and mentoring

 - Wellbeing, work life balance, life satisfaction

 - Confidence, self-esteem, leadership and communication in interpersonal relationships

 - Performance coaching for music, exams, public speaking, sport etc.

 - Goal Setting, Life direction & developing personal brand (values, identity etc.)

 - Injury recovery and pain management

Abra draws on personal experience competing at the international level in sport for over ten years and performing live music. He recently won his second and third silver medal for Australia at the 2016 and 2018 World Ultimate Frisbee Championships in London and Cincinnati. Abra is the founder of Summit Performance Psychology and the Athlete Recovery Academy. Summit and ARA provide Wellbeing, Performance, injury recovery and Leadership services.