Liz Forsyth is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Accredited Sports Dietitian with 18 years experience across hospital, community, corporate and private practice. She has been practising here in Northern NSW for 9 years and is part of a team of Dietitians within her business DNA Nutrition Group (Dietitian-Nutritionists Australia). 

Liz has extensive experience in nutritional counselling and in a clinical setting and working with clients to address:

- weight concern

- diabetes, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes

- gastrointestinal issues such as Irritable Bowel, diverticular disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

- food intolerances

- cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and blood pressure

- Women’s health eg pregnancy, lactation, PCOS

- Nutrition for Seniors

Liz provides patients with individual meal plans that meet their nutritional requirements while fitting into their lifestyle and family needs. 

Many of her clients are from GP referrals through Medicare Chronic Disease Management plans but a referral is not required. Liz also provides nutritional advice to recreational and competitive athletes regarding body composition attainment and sport specific training and competition diets.

Other services Liz provides are body composition assessment using InBody technology and/or skinfold measurement, computerised food diary analysis and Nutrigenomics.

Liz is an approved registered provider for NDIS, DVA and private health funds.