Siouxsie Venning


Siouxsie is a welcoming, compassionate, innovative Clinical Psychologist who enjoys connecting and working with people to support them to heal, grow and thrive. During her 16 years as a Clinical Psychologist, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting people with life transitions and skill building to address a wide-ranging array of issues including pain and health-related issues, anxiety, mood disorders, phobias, substance and addiction issues, grief and loss, career, interpersonal and communication issues.

Siouxsie uses a variety of evidence-based techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Techniques, Hypnosis and Visualisation, Motivational Interviewing, Substance and Impulse Control management strategies, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Pain Managment Techniques.

Siouxsie is passionate about working with people to help them achieve balance, growth and resilience. She enjoys collaborating with clients to support them in fostering wellbeing and developing habits that work for them rather than against them.

To book an appointment please call 55 897 555 or click here to book online.